Cutting-edge content delivery to engage with your audience

Enhanced content discoverability

Discovery Features

Intuitive Search

With the industry standard Elastic search at its core, our fully featured quick search will help you users find their content.

Arq Next

Visualise and explore your content relationships with Arq Next, our graph data display tool.

Advanced Search

Drill down to a granular layer with several search terms over specific fields with our advanced search functions.

Related Content

Explore your content relationships with the easy to use related content section on each item page.

Configurable Filters

Each product on the platform can have a configurable set of search filters applied so your users can further refine their results.

Custom Products

Group existing content together to produce custom products that can be packaged, promoted and sold.


A fully featured platform to engage with your users

User experience focused

With Arq Compass, we have created a new elegant, modern platform that is fully responsive and drives discoverability and use of your content. Find out more

Enhanced content discoverability

Discovery tools, such as the included Arq Next, provide your users new ways to discover, explore group and buy content. Find out more

Content hosting & delivery

Arq works deliver all of their products in the cloud via Amazon web services (AWS) this provides flexibility and maintainability that can't be replicated in traditional server centre environments. Find out more


arq compass provides you with the ability to quickly adapt to changing markets by introducing and amending new product types and workflows. Find out more


As part of the project, arq works will ensure your teams are provide the required support. We work closely with all our clients to build their vision. Find out more


The platform aims to aid your sales and marketing efforts by increasing your audience reach and providing new business models for you to explore. Find out more