Technology experts to help you maximise the value of your team and content.


arq works

Based just outside of Oxford we are a group of content and technology experts with many years of experience working in the publishing industry.

We provide software products and services to the publishing industry and have expertise in content production, editorial processes, content enrichment and distribution.

Our team can help you find hidden value in your content and make sure that it reaches its full potential.

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Launch of arq compass

arq works launches arq compass our cutting edge digital delivery platform. Helping content providers deliver great content directly to your users. Our first go live is


arq compass and arq next

We are developing new products to build on the sucess of arq plus. These include arq compass a user facing content delivery platform.


Product development and rollout

We continue to develop arq plus and add additional customers including the European Investment Bank and British Small Animal Veterinary Association.


Launch of arq plus

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our new workflow and asset management software arq plus. Comprised of several components, arq plus helps publishers get the most from their content assets.


Product development

Working with publishing industry partners arq works has been developing a suite of software with a strong focus on content management and enrichment


Company formation is formed by a group of experts in the publishing and technology industry with the aim of creating great software focused on content.



Content First

Apply a content-first design philosophy to digital asset and workflow management software, create great software and services that help publishers see their content in a new light.

Maximise Content Value

Expose the rich information stored within content and creating new relationships based on advanced enrichment. Help publishers build new products across traditional publishing boundaries and develop better experiences for content users.

Improved Content Creation

Apply our content-first approach to the tasks associated with the production and editorial process so that publishers can manage their content projects, process and data in one system.